Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where does the time go?

Not a lot to report on the book front I'm afraid, although I have sent a 'howgozit?' email to Emma the Agent. I've managed to get some work done on the follow-on book, revising all that's been written so far, doing some additional research and writing the last chapter! I know where the story is going and what happens along the way, so all I have to do now is join up the dots!

Writing this book has/is different from the others in that I conceptualized it as a series of essentially independent short stories which occasionally refer to each other, woven into one continuous narrative. Do I hear you say, 'yes Peter, we call those chapters'. Not quite, think of it as a series of stand-alone episodes or an 'Arabian Nights' set up, where a central character tells a series of independent but linked stories.

Anyway, on the boat front things are progressing slowly. This last week was spent in deep cleaning the inside of one hull and I expect that there's another two weeks work to finish the boat off. I'll be trying to spruce up the woodwork whilst mentally remodeling the interior of the boat and writing a chapter or two as I apply the linseed oil. Very therapeutic!

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