Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid August e book

The final 'quality check' is being done on the manuscript. The publisher has emailed me and said that they'll pull a couple of random chapters and proof read. Provided nothing 'comes up' then 'we are good for publishing mid-August Houston'. The actual comment was that manuscripts from the Gilbert Literary Agency are usually ready for publication, so well done Emma the Agent!

Getting just a bit exited now because mid-August isn't that far away! I'll start my marketing campaign right now :)

If you buy the book from Vamptasy then I make more out of it than if you buy from Amazon. As far as I'm aware you can buy from them in a suitable format for most readers (Ipad, Kindle et al), but however you choose to buy, please do just that! I'm told that one advantage in buying from Amazon is that you get a preview of the book for free, but why not check out the free preview if that is the case, then buy from

...In the meantime work on the follow-on book continues and I would think should be finished in three or four months.

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