Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the beach in Fiji

The title might sound entrancing, unfortunately the truth is in attempting to enter Suva harbour early last Monday morning (23rd) I put the boat up on a reef. She is still there as attempts to float her off have been unsuccessful thus far. There is a 'bigger tide' at the end of the month when we may meet with success. More on my sailing blog
In the meantime......let's see what adsense makes of me being in Fiji instead of in New Zealand.

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  1. Dear Pete - your news has finally reached Opua and we have sent you an email to your sailmail address - the only form of contact I have as I am no longer on Facebook. Glad to hear that you are being looked after 'locally' - forever the writer, even in dark times:-) Let me know if you have any other email address you would prefer us to use. Message from Otto: in terms of the waterlogged electronics, since you have nothing to lose, you can try this trick which has worked for me in the past: take whatever electronic device and submerge it in clean fresh water in a bucket for 24 hrs. Remove, dis-assemble and then allow to airdry. Blowdry it with a compressor (if you can) before putting it back together again. Cross your fingers and pray before you connect to power. This is almost guaranteed to work on equipment such as alternators with a very small chance of success on items like radars. Lots of love and luck from Lil & Otto