Wednesday, January 19, 2011


An interesting small town in the North Island of New Zealand. Actually, to be strictly accurate, it's the largest town in the Northland area, but be that as it may.....
It turns out that it's a hotbed of arts and craft shops, second-hand book shops the like of which I hadn't seen since I 'were nobbit a lad!'and 'am-dram' companies. A fascinating place which may provide another lead for an illustrator for 'Tim'. I'm emailing a lady in South Africa at the moment about illustrations and am feeling quietly confident that one way or another Tim is about to become a finished project.
Browsing a second hand book-store I came across a small tome, written somewhat in the style of George Mcdonald Frazer's Flashman novels, about the exploits of an Ottoman secret agent. As with the Flashman novels, the memoirs of this agent were discovered in a chest in an attic......funny where you get a sudden idea about a plot, isn't it? Nothing to do with secret agents or adventurers, but an idea that I had just started developing suddenly turned completely around. More in about three or four months when the novel 'should' be finished or at least well on the way. In the meantime, my companion on the boat has discovered somewhat to her horror that when I write I get up about 0600 and work for a couple of straight hours. A cup of tea is welcome but conversation is not!!

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